Sell My House Fast (GSAP): What are the common misconceptions about home cash buyers?

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Five misconceptions about home cash buyers

Traditionally, homeowners have had two options of selling their properties- putting them on the market by themselves and hiring a real estate agent to do all the running around.

But nowadays, selling homes for cash has become popular as it has plenty of advantages over the two conventional methods.

Despite the added benefits, cash buyers make homeowners wary as there are some misconceptions about such deals. 

Sell My Home Fast (GSAP), a premier real estate solutions company in Greenville breaks apart these misconceptions and helps homeowners to make informed decisions.

1. Cash buyers offer unattractive prices

Cash buyers are widely believed to offer a low value for the house. This fallacy is promoted by real estate agents who need their commissions, closing costs, and other expenses and cannot afford to lose out to cash buyers. In actuality, cash buyers offer a reasonable asking price which resonates very closely with the actual valuation of the property.

2. The proper marketing will attract the right price

Advertising about a home listing does indeed help to create awareness about the house on sale. But, some unpredictable factors like market volatility, the season of the year, and economic conditions could hamper a timely sale. In addition, holding out for marketing strategies to work could leave the house on the market for too long. This would, in turn, affect the vacant lot charges for the homeowner in terms of utilities, security, and maintenance.

3. Cash offers are scams

Scams indeed occur, and one must take precautions before a deal to authenticate the antecedents of the cash buyer. However, consumers are more aware of issues today, thanks to the abundant information on the internet. Genuine cash buyers are licit real estate investors with the financial strength to quickly buy a house, flip it and resell it for a higher profit. 

4. Cash buyers expect repairs 

Repairing and maintaining a home about to be sold off can be a huge financial drain for the homeowner. However, a cash buyer negates the need to invest in these costs as they are interested in a quick sale and do not have the time needed to make the repairs. Their strategy is to buy a house, refurbish it and sell it for more money. 

5. Cash buyers delay the sale

Homeowners are always on the lookout for a quick sale as it frees up the money and can move forward without delay. But, when homes are put up on the market listings, it takes a lot of time to find a potential buyer and close the deal. The cash buyers offer the swiftest way to sell the home without any additional hassles or paperwork.

Why Sell My House Fast (GSAP)

Sell my house fast GSAP is a family-owned house-buying business based in Greenville, SC. The company has been buying real estate over the last six years and has become the most trusted name in the cash buyer industry in the Upstate. The owners have been born and brought up here in Greenville and have a vested emotional interest in maintaining the integrity and beauty of the neighborhoods of this city. This BBC-accredited local business is a great place for house owners to engage in hassle-free sale deals that cut out intermediaries like agents and banks. 

Get a “cash for your house” offer by following three simple steps. First, fill out a form with contact information or call them, receive a fair cash offer within 24 hours, and choose a closing date as early as 14 days after accepting the offer.

To sell your house fast, call Sell My House Fast GSAP at (864) 428-9197 or email at

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