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We’re able to make this process simple because we’ve trimmed all the fat! You won’t deal with agents, showings, inspections or repairs. I’ll come see your house and make you a no obligation cash offer within 24 hrs!

We’re different from our competitors..let me explain how

Once we get some details on your property, we will evaluate (in person) the condition of the home and determine what repairs are necessary to sell the property at full retail on the back end. In almost all cases, WE buy your home, WE renovated your home and WE sell your home. Why is this important?

It’s important because..

We cut out every middle man that ends up costing YOU money. No agents, banks, inspections or anything else. 99 out of 100 times we don’t sell your house to another investor and act as a ‘middle man’. We make you the very best offer and handle everything from start to finish. Here’s an example of what we do…

I want to use the flip from the picture above to explain the numbers!

I worked with a client, Tim, in Taylors, SC. He needed to sell his father’s home. When his dad passed away he left the house in pretty bad shape. Unfortunately, his dad had been hoarding for decades. You can imagine what the house looked like after 30 years of collecting. But in case you can’t, I’ll show you!

As hard as it is to believe, we actually like these types of houses. We surprise people with our offer all the time because we make great offers on junkie houses! They always make for the best transformations. Let’s look at some numbers on this one.

[Retail Value(250,000]- [Cost of Repairs(65,000]-[Holding Cost(10,000)]-[Our Minimum Profit(25,000 in this example]=$150,000 is the offer

Our Happy Customers

We take great pride in providing a high quality service to our clients. Selling a home is never an easy task, which is why our team works so hard to make sure we have the best process in place to buy your home for cash quickly. As a result we’ve been fortunate enough to help some amazing people with their home selling situations.

I wish I could have all my transactions run as smoothly as this one did. Myles gave me a good deal and was a pleasure working with him. The process took less than a month and worked out well for everyone. Can’t wait to see the house after they are done with it. Thanks Myles.

– Angie S.

It was a win-win on this deal. Myles was very helpful with our situation , getting the job done !!

– Don T.


Very professional group, very quick responses. Transaction went smooth with no complications. Looking forward to working more deals with these guys!

– Jim P.