Sell my home fast-GSAP: Why should one consider going through a cash buyer to sell a home vs. selling it on their own?

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To avoid paying outlandish sales commissions to real estate agents, many house owners prefer to take the route of FSBO while selling their property. But while doing so, they need to be prepared for a whole set of tasks that need to be carried out to do an impeccable listing of their property on the market. These tasks can be pretty daunting and tedious for a first-time seller, not to mention time-consuming too.

This is where an experienced cash buyer like Sell my home fast-GSAP comes in, offering a speedy resolution without any hassles like dealing with intermediaries like a bank or a real estate agent, etc. A cash buyer is only interested in making a quick purchase with ready cash in hand that can be easily transferred to the homeowner’s bank account for a quick closing.

As an FSBO, one must be prepared to deal with the following issues:

Appraising the right value

An FSBO may need to shell out money to hire an independent appraiser to derive the proper value of their home. While a house appraisal may lead to a fair price evaluation that is neither too high nor too low, it might take some time and money to do so. In addition, a vacant house for too long will attract high costs in terms of insurance and maintenance, which can be a huge financial drain.

Professional staging

A house needs to look impressive to a prospective buyer, and the homeowner may need to hire the services of a professional Interior Decorator to spruce up the house. One should also opt for getting the home shot by a professional photographer to be able to post beautiful pictures online.

Paperwork and taxes

There are several tax forms, disclosures, survey reports, etc., to be prepared well before one decides to sell their home. Failing to do so might incur a loss or, worse, a penalty by the government and may even lead to a deal falling through.

Discrepancies in the listing

As a homeowner, one might be emotionally vested in the home and may not be able to describe the home while listing it for sale objectively. If a prospective buyer feels that the virtues of the house have been overtly exaggerated or the flaws have not been disclosed properly, the deal may not go through.

Buyer research

Often home deals fall through as the buyer fails to get loan approvals. Moreover, prospective buyers may be asked to get preapproved by their lenders. This research is something an FSBO may not be able to undertake on its own.

Disclosures and surveys

When one lists their home on the market, they need to fill out a disclosure form and a checklist of all the probable flaws with the house. Such material defects as flooding, termites, wood rot, etc are imperative to be disclosed while putting up the listing. In older properties, survey lines may need to be defined so that a surveyor might be required. 

Sell my home fast GSAP is a family-owned house-buying business based in Greenville, SC. The company has been buying real estate over the last six years and has become the most trusted name in the cash buyer industry in the Upstate. The owners have been born and brought up here in Greenville and have a vested emotional interest in maintaining the integrity and beauty of the neighborhoods of this city. This BBC-accredited local business is a great place for house owners to engage in hassle-free sale deals that cut out intermediaries like agents and banks. 

Get a “cash for your house” offer swiftly by following three simple steps. First, fill out a form with contact information or call them, receive a fair cash offer within 24 hours, and choose a closing date as early as 14 days after accepting the offer.

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