Your Guide To Selling A Home With Fire Damage In Pickens, South Carolina

Instead of hanging onto a home that has suffered fire damage, it’s still an option for you to sell the property. This may come as quite a shock, considering that a buyer will likely not want damaged property. However, selling damaged property in Pickens is completely legal, and there are still ways to go about it. Damages in your Pickens home can still be dealt with.

Here are answers to some questions you might be asking about selling damaged property in Pickens:

Do I Need To Repair Fire Damage Before I Sell My Property?

This still depends on you. If you sell the house as is, expect to give a huge discount to the buyer in order to get your home sold. They will likely be shouldering the cost of the repairs themselves, so it’s only fair for you to give them the property at a much cheaper price.

However, not a lot of buyers will come knocking on your door knowing your property is damaged, so it might be best to hire a home inspector to help you keep track of which repairs to take care of before you put the home up for listing.

“The average consumer is overwhelmed by the thought of rehabbing,” says Ron Lennox, owner of Lennox Home Buyers in Houston. “Some investors steer clear of fire-damaged homes also, so the buyer pool is very small.”

What Does The Law Say About How Much I Have To Disclose?

Here is what the written disclosure form should contain when a buyer starts inquiring about your property.

Be sure to disclose all of these issues in completion:

  1. Water and sewage issues
  2. Issues in the structural components of the home, like on the roof, floors, chimneys, foundation, basement, and others
  3. Mechanical systems issues like in electrical, heating, plumbing, cooling, and others
  4. Past or present pest infestations that have damaged structural areas of the house
  5. Land-use restrictions affecting the property like zoning laws, restrictive covenants, building codes, encroachments from or to adjacent property, and others
  6. Any presence of lead-based paint like asbestos, radon gas, methane gas, the presence of an underground storage tank
  7. Hazardous material and environmental contamination
  8. Any existence of rental, rental management, vacation rental, or lease contract in place of the property at the time of closing
  9. Any outstanding charges owed by the tenant for gas, sewerage, garbage, electric, water, and other services
  10. The existence of a meter conversion charge applying to electricity or natural gas
  11. Also specify whether the property is subject to the governance of a homeowners association

Failure to disclose any of these crucial details could lead to the buyer suing you for damages, which could accrue even more expenses than you initially planned. Make sure to review all disclosures needed with a trusted home inspector so you won’t have to worry about this.

Although the South Carolina code doesn’t specify the need for a home inspector to check every discrepancy, we still recommend that you avail of their expertise so no stone goes uncovered while disclosing issues to buyers.

How Much Will I Have To Spend For Repairs?

Depending on the extent of the damage faced by your property, expect to shell out a few thousand dollars for its repair.

If this is quite steep for you, check back with your insurance policy so your agent can help you out as best as they can. You can also ask help from friends or family to try to alleviate some of the costs on your end. Making sure your home is in better shape can certainly help guarantee that a buyer may come around soon.

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