Selling A Home With Structural Damage In SC A How-To Guide

If you suspect that your home might be suffering from foundation issues in SC, it’s better to find ways to address these immediately. It isn’t impossible to sell a house with structural damage in SC, but you have to be familiar with the kinds of damage you have at your disposal and how to deal with these accordingly.

Here is what you need to remember when on the lookout for these problems:

Try To Take Note Of All The Issues You Spot

Look for anything out of the ordinary that you notice about your property, like cracks, separated siding, bowed walls, or longer cracks of paint that you see running through the walls of your home.

Investigate any untoward smells and check the floor for cracked tiles. If you spotted any of the issues above, it’s best to alert a foundation repair company immediately so they can double check your house and they can tell you what they can do to help you out.

Be Aware Of The Issues That Are Common To South Carolina Properties

Beware of the following foundation issues common to homes in SC:

  • Shrinkage
  • Tree roots
  • Improper grading
  • Drainage problems
  • Unequal settlement of subsoil

Remember that SC is clay-rich, and the soil can expand and lose density from time to time. This happens when too much moisture seeps into it, and it could cause your foundation to sink.

Given these factors in mind, try to get your home properly graded or looked over by a property inspector so you’re aware of common issues and know ways to circumvent them.

Find Out A Ballpark Figure For Repairs

Before deciding to repair the home, it’s best to look at all your options for repair before settling on a company you trust.

On average, expect to spend around $1,900 to $7,000 for repairs, and expect this cost to increase the more issues you get to uncover. It won’t be impractical to set a ballpark figure of $10,000 for repairs, especially since you need to allot a little extra just in case repairs go beyond the amount that you expected.

Take Care Of These Issues So You Don’t Face Complaints

Any undisclosed issues that you don’t reveal to a buyer could get you facing time in court, so take repairs seriously and think about whom to sell your home to.

Here are some of the bases for negligence against a South Carolina Builder. The party must demonstrate that:

  • A duty, as imposed by law, was something the buyer failed to conform to.
  • A causal link was discovered between the construction defect and the standard of care.
  • Economic damages were sustained due to the home falling apart.

In order to avoid this, disclose any issues directly with your buyer. Be transparent about which issues you are currently getting repaired. Note that because of the repairs in place, the buyer might want to negotiate costs, so be sure you’re appropriately prepared for this discussion to happen as well.

Know What Can Happen If You Forego Repair Before Selling

Although it is not a requirement to repair homes before you sell them in SC, it says more about you as a seller if you refuse to do this.

First and foremost, buyers could immediately demand staggeringly low rates for an unrepaired home, and it will be difficult for you as a seller to appraise the home for much higher than they’re asking for.

By disclosing issues and promising to repair them, you can likely sell the home for a price you really want, even if the buyer may try to negotiate on behalf of the repairs.

Closing Thoughts

Structural repairs are not cheap, but still need to be done if you’re selling traditionally. If you want to go without spending for this, you can try alternative clients to sell to.

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