Is it Possible To Sell My Pickens SC Home With Structural Damage?

Being able to sell your house fast in Pickens, SC is entirely possible even without the aid of home renovation. It’s also entirely legal to do so!

Before you get excited about listing your property on MLS or contacting your real estate agent, there are a few things you should remember about legally selling your South Carolina home, issues and all.

We compiled a quick list of FAQs you might be asking yourself about how to go about selling your home even with structural issues. Read on below to find out more:

Should I disclose issues with my Pickens home?

Legally, you need to disclose all information regarding the following:

  • Sanitary sewage disposal system and water supply
  • Floors, foundation, chimneys, roofs, basements, and other structures
  • Mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical, cooling, and heating
  • Unrepaired past and present infestations caused by pests and other organisms
  • Encroachments, notices, and all laws governing the property
  • Lead-based paint, gasses, buried or covered toxic materials, underground storage tanks, and all forms of contamination
  • Existence of any leases attached to the property
  • Any outstanding charges the previous tenant incurred relating to the property
  • A meter conservation charge
  • The governance of the property under a homeowners association

What can I do first?

There are two main options you can turn to upon discovering issues with your property. Here are some things to consider:

Fix parts of the home you can afford to fix

This will not completely elevate the cost of the property, but it’s a start! You can address key areas like the bedroom or kitchen while solving main concerns like leakages or bad smells.

Get a home inspector

Worried that you won’t be able to disclose all the issues you need? Hiring a home inspector can save you some peace of mind! For a few hundred dollars, they can find all structural issues for you.

How do I recognize foundation damage?

Even without the immediate aid of a home inspector, you can spot a few issues right away by understanding the key areas you should check first.

Here are some areas you can turn to:

  • Cracks in the floors and the walls
  • Bowing walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Floors that squeak upon impact
  • Windows and doors that don’t completely close
  • Leaning chimney
  • Pests that lurk in crevices

If you can afford one, contact a foundational repair specialist immediately to help you deal with the damage. Even if you plan to have the buyer shoulder the cost, disclose all issues to them nonetheless.

What are the pros and cons of selling damaged property?

Although selling as-is takes a huge burden off your shoulders, there are pros and cons to the deal. Read up on the table below:


  • Save on foundational repairs, which can cost hundreds of dollars
  • Is more convenient
  • Saves money and time
  • Sales can be made faster


  • Expect a lower property value
  • The buying pool is smaller
  • Only works if you’re willing to be flexible with your asking price.

With these factors in mind, understand that you need to manage your expectations when putting up a home as-is up for sale. You will likely encounter a lot of low balling buyers or buyers who appear interested but end up ghosting you after a few follow-up messages.

Selling a home in this state can be difficult, but you shouldn’t think of it as impossible. There are fixer-uppers and house flippers who are always in the market for a home with structural damage. They either want to fix it up for themselves or improve upon it to sell it at a much higher price. Find these buyers first and you should be looking at a sure sale soon! Don’t give up and know your worth.

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