Sell My House Fast (GSAP): What points to consider while staging the house for a sale

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The art of staging a home for a sale

Staging refers to the art of making a house presentable for viewing by prospective buyers before a sale. In addition, it enhances the property’s appeal by ensuring all repairs and maintenance are taken care of. 

The home buyer needs to see the house in the best condition possible. But, at the same time, the property must be devoid of the previous owner’s personality. So, cleaning and decluttering are essential too.

Even though this may seem a bit pretentious, it is essential from the buyer’s point of view, who must judge the property as a space they can make their own.

First impressions

Keeping the outside of the house as inviting as the inside is essential to set the tone for the viewing. The front door should be free of any dents or chipped paint. It should look fresh and new with the addition of a coat of paint. Adding a planter on either side of the door would also increase the impact. 

Adding flourishes

Flowers and plants add a fresh and clean touch to the house, making it appear warm and fuzzy. Adding throw pillows on the couch provides a cozy feel while bringing volume to the room. Another great tip is to stick peel-on mirrors on one living room wall. This would add light, creating an impression of ample space.  

Go neutral

Remove any bright-colored paint finish and wallpaper from the house. Instead, go for a neutral color scheme and re-paint the entire house. Again, the idea is to let the client imagine the place in their color scheme in their heads. Same with any floor coverings like rugs and carpet. While soft floor coverings add a fuzzy feel to the room, leaving the floorboards bare and freshly polished is a better idea. 

Adopt minimalism

It doesn’t matter what the style of the home was when the owner lived in it. Now that it needs to be viewed by potential buyers, it needs to be minimalist. “Less is more” would be the key here. 

No photographs, mementos, or souvenirs, among other things, should be present in the house. Likewise, drawers and cupboards should be left bare, while shelves must be styled down minimally. 

Final touches

The heart of the home is the kitchen, and that’s where maximum effort must be expended. First, remove any countertop appliances and food items to create a new space. The dining table must also be clear of clutter, though a bowl of bright and fresh fruits will not go amiss in the presentation. Burning an aromatic candle or oil in a diffuser is a great idea to enhance the homely feel. 

Cash buyers like Sell My Home Fast (GSAP) don’t need the added frills of staging to buy a property. That is why it is perhaps more feasible to consider selling the property to a cash buyer who would buy the house outright without too many hassles. 

Why Sell My House Fast (GSAP)

Sell my house fast GSAP is a family-owned house-buying business based in Greenville, SC. The owners have been born and brought up here in Greenville and have a vested emotional interest in maintaining the integrity and beauty of the neighborhoods of this city. This BBC-accredited local business is a great place for house owners to engage in hassle-free sale deals that cut out intermediaries like agents and banks. 

Get a “cash for your house” offer by following three simple steps. First, fill out a form with contact information or call them, receive a fair cash offer within 24 hours, and choose a closing date as early as 14 days after accepting the offer.

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