Why Downsize? Exploring The Trends And Your First Steps

Did you know that record numbers of people are downsizing their homes? According to the latest report by real estate site Trulia, older Americans in particular are looking for smaller houses if they decide to move.

You might be thinking that living large doesn’t always mean living better. Whether you’re a boomer or a millennial looking for a smaller home, here are some downsizing trends and tips you should be aware of to help you start your journey right.

Why Downsize?

No matter if you are moving voluntarily or forced to do so from job relocation or another life event, there are benefits to reducing your home size. Here are some of them:


Less Expenses

One of the benefits of downsizing your home is that you stop spend money on items such as furniture, electronics, appliances, and home items that fill space rather than serve a purpose. With a smaller home, you will be able to prioritize your life and only bring what you need into the house.


Less Upkeep

Most homeowners agree that living in a larger home creates more stress and maintenance. Streamlining your life can start with downsizing your home. You will be surprised at how much time you will be able to save by reducing chores and maintenance. This means you will have more time for leisure activities, family time, and getting enough sleep.

Less Energy

The costs of running a large home range from heating and cooling to water savings in the bathroom and kitchen. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and lower monthly energy bills, smaller homes will minimize your family’s carbon footprint.

Tips For Downsizing Your Home

Now that you know the benefits of a smaller home, how do you begin? We list some important tips to help you get started:


Find Out What To Do With Your Current Home

There are a variety of choices with what to do with your current property—you can rent it out and earn regular income, or you can choose to sell it. By choosing to sell, you have two options—hire a real estate agent or sell your house fast to cash homebuyers. Your choice will depend on how soon you want to move out or how soon you want to get the proceeds of your income.


Take Stock Of Your Belongings.

If you’re downsizing to a smaller home, you won’t have as much room for the items you’ve accumulated over the years. Take inventory of your possessions before you begin packing. Separate the items you need from those you want when going through everything.


Measure Furniture And Wait To Buy New Things.

While you’re taking inventory of your belongings, measure your furniture to see if and how it will fit in your new space, or if you’ll need to part with anything. If you know this ahead of time, it is much easier than moving a sectional couch into your new home only to find it does not fit.

In the same vein, you should wait until you have a sense of the space you’re working with in the new house before buying new items.


Figure Out How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Items.

You can get rid of the items you won’t be taking with you to your new home in several ways. Clothing, shoes, and other household items in good condition are often accepted by local charities. You can make some extra money by having a yard sale. Dumpster rentals are a convenient choice if you need to downsize and declutter, or if you’re throwing away large household items, such as broken appliances or tattered furniture. Lastly, you can offer to give family heirlooms that are in good condition to a family member or friend as a gift.

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