What You Can Do With Property Titles In South Carolina

The legalities of being a property owner may be daunting at first, but once you delve deeper into what these implications mean for you, it’ll be much easier to protect yourself from future conflicts regarding your property. If you’re a property owner in South Carolina, you will likely have to familiarize yourself with property title issues first and how to deal with these without compromising yourself or your property.

Here is how you can deal with title issues in South Carolina below:

Know The Definition Of A Title

Before you begin dealing with others regarding your South Carolina property, understand what having a title entails. A property title is basically what signifies your ownership to the property. You can compare it to having a job title, which means that the job is yours. Having a property title means that you have ownership control, legal rights, and responsibility over the property.

Property titles can be owned by individuals or can also be owned by two or more people, in the case of a married couple or a corporation.

Purchase Title Insurance

Much like health insurance or educational insurance, title insurance is supposed to help protect you from any legal issues that may occur in relation to your property title. Here are the kinds of title insurance you can look into:

  • Lender’s Title Insurance – protects the property lender
  • Buyer’s Title Insurance – protects the property buyer

It’s crucial for a property owner to have title insurance, and it’s important that the amount you pay for said insurance is tantamount to what you’re paying for the property. In case a problem is discovered, this will protect you by having the insurance company provide legal assistance and pay for any valid claims on your behalf.

Be mindful and consult the right legal professionals regarding your title property so you can ensure your own protection.

Be Familiar With Common Property Title Problems

You will unlikely not encounter any of these problems with insurance and great legal assistance, but it’s better to be safe than sorry by reading up on these issues regardless!


Unknown Liens

Liens are usually issued by creditors who want to ensure that their debtor pays them back. Some previous owners may have bookkeeping issues in place and might accidentally make you liable for their liens. Make sure you double check if this isn’t the case with any previous owner you encounter.



This may be a common problem with property owners you aren’t familiar with. Not everyone is honest, and some documents may be forged. Inform your legal team to help you double check legal documents.

Undiscovered Will

This issue can arise if you acquire a property previously held by a deceased owner who does not have a declared heir. The state may have sold this property to you without disclosing a will. Having this emerge years later may cause issues, so make sure this doesn’t happen.

An Undiscovered Third Party

For example, you may purchase a title from two siblings without knowing that their older brother also has a claim to the property. Be meticulous about knowing who all the true previous owners are in order to avoid further legal issues.

False Impersonation Of Previous Owner

Scammers can victimize any profession whatsoever, and the real estate business is a lucrative one. It’s incredibly risky to your legal claims if you purchase a property from someone who impersonated the real property owner. Always double and triple check every detail so you know who you’re dealing with is legitimate.


A Lost Title

Contrary to popular belief, a lost title isn’t the end of the world. It’s perfectly normal to become extremely anxious if this happens, but it can also be resolved. Calmly go to the county courthouse and request a copy from the available clerk. Make sure you bring all the relevant documents you need.

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