Water Damage Prevention: Quick Steps To Protect Your SC Home

Water damage is a common occurrence on any home in South Carolina, but its effects can be devastating to your property. Aside from water damage affecting the stability of your home, it can also significantly reduce your property’s value when you decide to sell. To fix it, you may need to spend between $450 to $7,000, depending on the severity of the damage.

Whether you’re planning to stay in your home or put it up on the market, you’ll want to avoid water damage as much as possible. Here are a few ways to prevent water damage from severely affecting your property.

Fortify Your Basement

South Carolina’s climate means mild winters and rainy season. As such, it is important to reinforce your basement to prevent water seepage. If left unchecked, water can enter the basement through the cracks in your foundation and floor slabs.

On its own, it can cause damage to your home’s structure especially if left unchecked for the winter, when that water can freeze and cause even more severe effects to your home’s foundation and the soil underneath your property.

Inspect Your Drains & Outdoor Irrigation Systems

Ideally, your drains should be unclogged and directing water away from your property. Clogged drains and improperly set drainpipes can lead water to seep through the foundation of your home. This can cause basement flooding, foundation instability, and other problems with your home’s base. Also, check your roof for leaks and install gutter guards to ensure all rainwater is properly drained.

Another possible source of water damage to your property can come from outdoor irrigation systems and sprinklers. These underground fixtures, when leaking, can slowly deliver water to the foundation of your home and cause cracks.

Inspect Your Water Fixtures

You should be checking your indoor water fixtures and appliances at least once a year for rust, corrosion, and damage. If you find leaks or any problems with your fixtures and appliances, have them repaired as soon as possible; not only does it prevent water damage, but it can save you from the added costs of leaks.

If left unchecked, these fixtures and appliances can slowly develop water damage on the floors and walls of your home. Try to look for cracks, crumbling drywall, warped floors, and signs of mold – these are sure signs that your home may already have water damage.

Know Where The Main Valve Is

A damaged hose or a burst pipe can cause major water damage in your home. In case this happens, knowing where the main valve for your home can reduce the amount of water the floods into your home.

When leaving the house on extended periods of time (e.g. if everyone will be going out on vacation), make it a habit to turn off the main valve. This can reduce the risk of a burst pipe while no one is present, which can have devastating results on your property.

Invest In Tools To Prevent Water Damage

Water detectors are electronic devices you can install near pumps, heaters, appliances, and fixtures. When it comes into contact with moisture, it sounds an alarm. This is useful for detecting leaks and preventing mold growth, as it can tell you when there are leaks you might not notice at first.

Another tool you can invest in is a water pressure gauge, which you can find in your local hardware store. Attach the gauge to any outdoor faucet and turn the faucet to it maximum, and the gauge should indicate whether your home has high or low water pressure.

The average home should have a plumbing system that can support between 40 to 70 psi. If your pressure is too high, the pipes and hoses can slowly leak until it can no longer handle the pressure and burst. If you find that your water pressure is higher than the average, install a water pressure regulator to reduce the force exerted on your plumbing system.

Water damage can lead to serious long-term issues for your home. Not only does this make it a dangerous place for your family, but it can affect your property value when you decide to sell. These are just some of the ways you can prevent water damage from slowly but surely causing damage.

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