The Most Common Home Damage Issues And How You Can Easily Fix Them

Some of the biggest issues homeowners can face is the repair and upkeep of their property. Roof leaks, broken pipes, faulty wiring; these and more are common types of house damage faced by homeowners in South Carolina.

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Here Are A Few Of The Most Common House Issues In South Carolina:


Roof Repair

The roof is one of the most essential parts of a home, and also among the most susceptible to house damage. In South Carolina, a state that commonly experiences extreme weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms, a sturdy roof to keep out the rain and wind is necessary.

Roof damage can range from rotting leaks to missing shingles. Water damage and ceiling stains are also key indicators of a roof in need of repair. Roof damage must be immediately repaired as it can make your home uninhabitable, especially during the rainy or winter season.

While minor issues can be fixed for a few hundred dollars, extensive roof damage may cost up to thousands of dollars. Regular maintenance and inspection can prevent damage that leads to replacing your entire roof.


Foundation Repair And Water Damage

If your foundation is built on soil that swells during the rainy season and contracts during the dry season, it could be susceptible to water damage. While water damage is a common house issue and fairly easy-to-fix, water damage in the foundations of a house can lead to warped and cracked walls and floors, leaking and flooding, rotting posts, and can make it hard to close doors and windows. In South Carolina, where heavy rains are frequent, water damage can occur more often than normal. Frequent water damage can lead to mold damage, which can also compromise the structural integrity of your home.

Foundation issues are preventable, but can often be overlooked until too late. This often leads to extensive and expensive repair costs.


Septic System, Pipes, And Drains

Dealing with plumbing and sewage is far from glamorous. Even the best plumber would rather work on something else. But any lived-in house will need to have leaky pipes, clogged drains, and the occasional backed-up toilet fixed often. Sometimes all they need is the right tool for the job, but a botched patch job can lead to even bigger issues and cause more house damage to your South Carolina home.
Apart from just issues with your pipes, the water line that connects your house to the public water system also needs regular maintenance and may need a specialized repair.

As handy as you might be with your tools, messing around with equipment you might be unfamiliar with could lead to more damage than you began with, which could lead to even greater repair bills.


Electrical Issues

Faulty wiring and other electrical issues can lead from minor inconveniences, like flickering lights and circuit breakers tripping too often, to potentially harmful situations, like being shocked by appliances or even electrical fires.

DIY and even Pinterest-inspired repairs are popular solutions to small scale issues, but ultimately, even common house issues caused by electrical issues are best left to electricians who know what they’re doing. Whether you’re serviced by South Carolina’s electric co-op or a privately-owned energy company, electrical repairs are safer conducted by specialists. But specialists don’t come cheap.

With the services and upkeep necessary for these common house issues costing thousands of dollars’ worth in repairs, what’s the solution for your South Carolina property?

Sell Your Property!

You can choose to continue investing your money in constant repairs and maintenance, or earn money by selling your property to a professional cash homebuyer.

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