Tenants Are Hoarding In Your SC Property. Can You Still Sell

If you’re a property owner, hoarder tenants in South Carolina can be a nightmare to deal with. Not to worry, there are ways you can read up on if you want to know how to sell a hoarder’s property in SC while dealing with your hoarder tenants efficiently.

Read on:

What Is Hoarding?

Hoarding is a psychological disorder. If your tenant is affected, expect them to have a difficult time letting go of possessions that are no longer useful or necessary.

What is the difference between hoarding and ordinary mess? Mess can be cleaned in a few steps, either by your tenant or by a professional cleaner. Hoarding is a whole other ball game altogether. If you notice that the mess is starting to block passageways, flooring can barely be seen, and sources of stink like animal feces are starting to be buried underneath the mess, the hoarding is already out of control.

What Are Some Common Problems I Should Check?

Once you can safely observe the hoarder’s home, it’s best to assemble a cleaning crew and home inspector to help you navigate through the mess of a hoarder.

Here are some problems to watch out for:

  • Dead animals and their remains
  • Structural problems
  • Walls and floors with rot
  • Human and animal biological waste
  • Heavy odors that start to permeate surfaces. (Ex: if the bathroom of the master bedroom can stink up the master bedroom even with the bathroom door closed, we have a problem!)
  • Items that are wrapped, never used
  • Items that have been used, and should’ve been disposed of

Make sure that the crew you assigned the home to know what they’re doing. Hoarding is a serious housing issue and must be addressed meticulously.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Clean-Up The Hoarder’s Home?

Across the United States, pricing might vary, but reading through this paragraph could give you a rough estimate of what’s to come. Please note that it isn’t cheap, so be prepared to shell out significant funds for cleanup.

For a home that’s 2,000 square feet, a mild hoarding cleanup could cost you anywhere between $3,000 to $5000. Alternatively, asking the crew to clean up for just one day could cost you just $1,000. More extreme clean-ups could cost you as much as $25,000 so watch out for that!

What Are Some Of My Options For Selling The Home?

This may seem obvious, but it should be stated nonetheless. If you plan to sell the house as is to a potential resident of the home, this is automatically not viable. Regardless if the customer accepts it or not, you can be liable to negative reviews due to the state of the property later on, and this will reflect badly on your reputation as a seller.

If you want the home to go to an individual or family, it’s best to clean it thoroughly so it looks as brand new as it can possibly be. This could do wonders for your listing and land you a potential client whom you can immediately transact with.

Another way to sell the house is to consult with house flippers. These are people who buy a house for a cheap price, spend on all the refurbishing themselves, and sell it at a much higher price. This is a good option if you simply want to get rid of the home immediately.

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