Selling An Inherited Property In Anderson, SC

If you are the recipient of an inherited house in Anderson, consider yourself lucky! This is especially lucky if you already have a home of your own, and are looking into acquiring some extra income by being able to sell your inherited house in South Carolina.

How will you go about selling inherited property in SC?

Read on to find out:

Find Out How Much Of The Property You Can Acquire

It helps to be able to have your lawyer on speed dial for any questions you might have. They can take you through the ins and outs of SC inheritance law, considering it’s entirely possible that the entire estate may not go to you.

For example, a married couple with no children ensures that the property of one goes to the other. But in the case of a married couple with children, the spouse inherits half of the property of their spouse, while the remaining half is split between their children.

Make A Rough Outline Of Your Expectations

The inheritance process isn’t a particularly easy one to navigate, so make sure you create a list of everything you need to do in order for the process to proceed as smoothly as possible. Try consulting friends or coworkers who have inherited property before so you have a rough idea of what their experience was like. This will help you approach the situation with a more learned perspective.

Take Note Of Valuable Items That Won’t Be For Sale

Together with your family members or a home inspector, comb through all the valuables inside the property. All stones can’t be unturned, especially considering the fact that you don’t want to accidentally leave something that’s been in your family for generations only for it to be in the hands of a complete stranger.

For important family members who can’t be there with you to search the property, make sure you document the process and update them constantly so they can claim anything they want for themselves.

Look At The Home Objectively

Ask yourself this question: If I were a buyer and I was looking at this home for the first time, would I want to buy it?

Taking an objective look at your home will help you spot any discrepancies that need to be fixed before ownership gets passed onto a buyer. It might be natural for you to think of certain issues in the home as quirks you grew up with, but these may be deal breakers for potential buyers.

Have your real estate agent and home inspector both take a good, long, objective look at the home. Let them share their honest opinions with you regarding its value as a property. With this step, it’s important to not let your feelings get the best of you. This home may be precious to you, but the same memories won’t carry over to its next owner. Best to remain objective so you can judge your property properly.

Be Absolutely Sure You Want To Sell Your Property

Inherited property can come with emotional baggage. The person you inherited the property from may have passed away recently, and it makes sense for you to want to sell it immediately so the memory of the place no longer causes you pain. However, you may come to regret your decision once you’ve cleared your head.

Before you sell, speak to your remaining family members about your decision. Ensure that there will be no bad blood between any of you should you decide to sell the property. They can help you unpack your feelings about selling before you make a decision.

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