Easy Home Upgrades To Raise The Value Of Your South Carolina Home

The last few months have been looking good for homeowners in the real estate market looking to sell their property in South Carolina. But the saturation of buyers is by no means a guarantee that your house is going to be flocked with offers.

Buyers are still picky about the buying homes in South Carolina. For instance, couples and parents will be looking for homes that can fit growing families, while young professionals will be looking to establish themselves close to the city centers thriving with opportunities.

In short: your property needs a unique selling point to stand out amongst the other listings. Not only does it attract more potential buyers, but it can also mean an increased property value, which can result in a higher profit when you sell. Here are a few home upgrades you can do to your home in South Carolina that are known to improve property value.

Updated Kitchen

An ugly and outdated kitchen can easily dissuade buyers from considering your house. When potential buyers come take a look at your house, they’ll be imagining how their day will go living in your property the way they see it. So, if it has bulky cabinets, outdated appliances, and signs of aging, they will realize they have two options: remodel the kitchen themselves (which means additional costs on top of the price of buying your house), or learning to adjust to the kitchen as it is.

Before opening your house up for viewing, it’s in your best interest to update your kitchen. You don’t have to go for an ultra-modern theme with top-dollar appliances, but just make sure that you give it an updated look that matches the quality and theme as the rest of the house.

If we’re looking at your kitchen value-wise, don’t go too overboard with the changes. A basic remodeling job can greatly improve the value of your home. If you go too far with the fancy cupboards and cabinets, you may end up spending more than the return you get from its increased property value.

Modern Bathrooms

Just like your home’s kitchen, the bathrooms need to look and feel comfortable for buyers. Elements of your bathroom can look old and worn, while some of your faucets may look visibly damaged and leaking.

A basic upgrade on your bathrooms can improve your property value between 68 to 97 percent. Just like your kitchen, however, be careful not to overdo it or else the cost of renovating your bathrooms will be worth more than what you do earn when you sell.


As the façade of your property, your yard must leave a good first impression with your buyers. You don’t have to go all-out (ideally keep it at the same level as your neighbors, since having the best home along your street isn’t worth much in terms of property value), but just do enough landscaping that it makes your home more appealing to your target buyer.

Your home’s curb appeal can do a lot for your property value. Keeping your lawn trimmed and your bushes, shrubs, and trees well-maintained can mean higher returns when you sell. And given that basic landscaping doesn’t cost much money (you can even do it on your own), a good first impression on your home can justify a higher selling price.

How Much Do I Spend On Renovations?

It ultimately depends on a lot of factors, including the average price of a home in your area, the quality of your home, and whether your house can be considered low-, mid-, or high-end. While all these factors can vary, a good rule of thumb is that you should spend no more than between 5 to 10 percent of what your property is worth.

Any higher than this range, and you risk making upgrades to your house that can barely make up for the cost when you sell. For instance, installing a swimming pool in your back yard can cost you an additional $35,000. If your home is in a neighborhood where pools are common and you live in an area where hot climates can justify having a pool, you can increase your property value by 7 percent. But if your home is in a mid-range neighborhood in a cooler climate where pools are more impractical, you might not be getting back the investment of a pool when you sell your home.

If Renovations Aren’t An Option…

But of course, these renovations will have to come out of your pocket before you sell. And not all homeowners can afford to spruce up their property through renovations. Here’s where home buying in SC offers a third possible option to sell your house without having to perform renovations to find a buyer.

Through Sell Your House Fast – GSAP, we buy your houses as-is – no renovations and repairs on your part is needed. We give you a fair price and pay in cash while handling all the closing costs that come with selling a house. All you need to do is wait for our offer and then choose if you’re going to sell it.

In a real estate market like South Carolina, renovations may be necessary to help your home stand out among other listings. But if you choose to go through professional home buyers like Sell Your House Fast – GSAP, you can do away with the added cost and hassle of renovations and simply sell your house with minimal fuss and effort on your part.

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