5 Things You Should Know About Greenville FSBO Property Listings

Before you try to go the FSBO (for sale by owner) route for your home listing in Greenville, consider that this process is much harder than it initially seems. Nearly 90 percent of sellers who try to sell their homes without a realtor fail. With such an important decision at stake, doesn’t it make sense to increase your chances of selling by working with a professional?

When you’re ready to choose the method you’ll use to sell your house, likely one of your most significant financial assets, it’s essential to have realistic expectations. We’ll explore five things you should know about Greenville FSBO property listings.

Hard work and Effort

Selling a for sale by owner property is not only time-consuming but also challenging, as the listing needs to be marketed by a professional. First, you should know that FSBO listings take a great deal of time and hard work. From arranging appointments with experts such as inspectors and appraisers through open houses and displaying the home repeatedly to potential buyers, you may see why real estate brokers charge such high fees for their services.

Lower Sales

It’s essential to understand that when you list your home as an FSBO, it likely won’t sell for as high a price as you’d like, versus listing your home with an experienced real estate agent. They are familiar with real estate transactions and know how vital it is to show only to vetted buyers and appropriately market the listing.

Furthermore, a real estate agent will have developed people skills from years of experience in negotiations–usually resulting in better profits for their clients.

Unavoidable repairs

With a Greenville FSBO home listing, a seller won’t be able to avoid house repairs. You could get into serious legal difficulty whether or not you undertake the work yourself, especially if you are unaware of disclosure requirements. Even if you are willing to do the fixes, most people will likely counteroffer with significant discounts off your asking price in exchange for doing the job themselves.


The sheer volume of paperwork can often turn people off from the FSBO process, and you might be scrambling to have someone help you out after days of having to deal with all those papers on your own. Homeowners who list their property FSBO inGreenville] take on the responsibility of ensuring that every contract and form submitted is legal. If they fail in this area, it could mean that the deal falls through – costing them even more money.

Carrying Costs

Lastly, you should know about your holding costs and how they can quickly diminish any potential profits from selling your home without a real estate agent. Many FSBO sellers have little knowledge about what is required in today’s market for a successful FSBO sale, which often leads to their homes languishing on the market. If this happens, you will still be responsible for making mortgage payments and continuing to upkeep the property until it is sold. Even experienced agents cannot give you an exact date for when your home will sell.

Pursuing FSBO listings in Greenville can sound daunting. But don’t worry–there are other, faster methods of selling out there. When you sell your home directly to Sell My House Fast – GSAP, you can save the entire commission for yourself! Not only do we pay the seller cash, but the closing can be completed in a matter of days.

Determining your home value can be difficult, and we want to help. We’ll go over the details of your property and any unique circumstances that may be affecting its value. This way, you can make an informed decision about whether selling to us or going the traditional route would maximize profits earned from what is likely your most important investment: your home. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. We’re more than happy to chat with no strings attached! You can message us directly or give our team a call at (864) – 428 – 9197.

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