5 Ideas For Your Rental Property In Pickens!

As a landlord, even though clients are always looking for potential homes to settle into, you might find it more difficult to secure potential buyers for certain properties. If you find yourself with an unwanted rental property in Pickens, there are lots of ideas you can arm yourself with to still guarantee a profit for yourself.

Here are five ideas for your rental property options in Pickens you can check out for your property, and you just might make it an attractive option yet!

Keep Your Property Clean

This is the simplest, most effective way you can turn your property into something that could be hot on the current market. This is especially essential if your old tenants just moved out and you need to show the property to new tenants as soon as possible.

Don’t skimp out on hiring a cleaning company to thoroughly go through every nook and cranny of the property to get it looking brand new. Try to speak to your previous tenant as well to remind them that all of their previous belongings must be cleared out before you’re ready to put the property back on the market.

Invest In High-Quality, Essential Appliances

Apart from keeping the property clean, always make sure the appliances you have on display are in top condition. These will likely be the first items potential tenants will check upon visiting your property. If your previous tenant left the appliances in bad shape, it’s best to invest in new appliances that come with a warranty. That way, your future tenant will not have to worry about making calls to you for repairs.

Consider Lighting Upgrades

Another way to easily spice up how your property looks to potential tenants is by considering different lighting options to bring out its best features! You can apply these to more aesthetically appealing parts of the property, like the backyard and the kitchen. Here are some upgrades to consider:


Accent Lighting

Certain parts of the home for sale can be lit with this kind of lighting to emphasize these parts beautifully. Try to place these near artwork, sculptures, or plants.

Ambient Lighting

Consider investing in this kind of lighting for the main illuminated look of your room. Examples of these include ceiling mounted lights and other similar kinds to it.

Task Lighting

These kinds of lights are meant to illuminate task-heavy parts of the house, including study areas, kitchen counters, and the like.

Fix Up Your Floors

You may wonder how you can make the flooring of your property look even more impressive if tenants typically have different opinions when it comes to which flooring is best for them. To be safe, you may look into quality wooden flooring for the property on display. Not only will it give the house a more homey feel, but it could also blend easily with any furniture arrangement your tenant will want to explore.

Good quality flooring also immediately raises the overall value of your property, so make sure you explore which options are best! Try looking up faux wood, laminate, hardwood, bamboo, and the like to see which best fits the property’s overall aesthetic.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good carpet, either! Wooden tiles are one thing, but a well-placed carpet can instantly turn any property into one that looks like home to its new occupant. Bedrooms and living rooms are usually good places for a well-designed carpet to accentuate. However, make sure you speak to your would-be tenant and ask them if allergies will be a problem. Children are usually susceptible to carpet allergies, and in case their child has one, you might want to make sure that your carpet can easily be removed from the property so the family you’re talking to doesn’t fret.

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